How to increase sales with WordPress

WordPress makes life pretty easy for anyone who wants to design and publish their own website but how good is it at helping you increase sales?

Here are a few tips on making your sparkly new WordPress site work harder for you, along with some advice on things to think about before you start your website build.

A guide to plugins and widgets

One of the great things about WordPress is the fact that it gives you access to an overwhelming number of plugins, providing the technology and tools you need to create a site that works for you.

Plugins and widgets can enhance both design and functionality and the range is expanding all the time. That’s another great thing about WordPress – there’s a whole community of developers continually coming up with new ideas for tools that improve the platform (take a look at our previous blog for even more reasons why we love WordPress).

Some plugins are specifically designed to generate more leads and increase sales from your website. Others allow you to integrate video, add a newsletter subscription function, encourage referrals and reviews and add live chat functions to your site, all of which can help to engage visitors and convert them into customers.

The best WordPress themes for selling

If you’re using your website to sell products you’ll need a theme that is optimised to work with ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce. WordPress has hundreds of different themes and each one is a collection of files that integrate with each other to create a specific look and underlying functionality.

Most people choose a theme on looks but it’s worth paying attention to the features of the theme to find out if it’s right for your business. The best WordPress theme for your products will depend on what you’re selling. You might want a theme that lets you upload tutorial videos alongside the product. Perhaps you need a function for subscriber discounts. Some themes are specifically designed for selling media including books and music which customers can purchase and download online.

Although WordPress offers free themes, it’s worth investing in premium WP themes if you’re serious about selling online. These generally have better functionality and simple integration with popular ecommerce and payment platforms.

Finally, choose a theme with a good looking blog function. Google loves sales pages that draw customers in with lively, keyword rich articles. A beautiful blog will pay dividends at the checkout.

Keeping an eye on the traffic

It’s always helpful to take some time to check your website analytics and evaluate where your clients are coming from. Have they seen you on social media?  Did they find your products on your newsletter or blog? It’s relatively simple to boost your sales performance by analysing what’s working and doing more of the same.

Keywords help customers find your site quicker in search engines and if your visitors are leaving almost as soon as they arrive on your website perhaps you need to think about making the information on the landing page much shorter and snappier.

Useful articles on blogs are more likely to be shared and that brings you in front of a whole new audience. A blog also lets you show your business’s personality and build relationships with your customers.

The key is to keep adding to your website so that it remains fresh for loyal customers and interesting for new ones.

And finally …

Creating the perfect sales platform on WordPress takes time but, when you consider that online spending rose by 11% last year to reach an all time high of £114bn, we think it’s time well spent.