Is WordPress a Practical Choice for Big Business?

WordPress has grown up a lot since its emergence as a platform for bloggers and there are now more than 17 million WordPress websites worldwide. Nobody would doubt its popularity but what about its suitability for serious business users? Is it a viable commercial website option for international enterprises or is it better suited to the small business owner?

There are some big names are already using WordPress

What many people don’t realise is that WordPress is already used by some pretty well known brands like CNN, TechCrunch, the New York Post and TED. Even huge sites like Forbes and LinkedIn use WordPress to power parts of their content management systems.

Despite this, WordPress can’t seem to shake off its blogging image completely and businesses are often surprised when their digital agency or webmaster suggests using the platform to build their site.

So what are the business benefits of WordPress?

Managing costs

The Guardian recently hailed WordPress as an obvious choice for those on a tight budget. The article explains how its popularity with developers is helping to bring down the costs involved in managing an evolving online presence. Whereas many developers specialise in specific languages, WordPress skills are widespread in the global software community giving businesses plenty of opportunity to shop around.

Open Source

It’s true that there was a time when Open Source was a bit of a taboo in the business community. As the recession started driving demand for software options that came without hefty subscription fees or expensive licenses, professional developers began joining the Open Source community, working alongside amateurs to create some awesome digital tools.

Better security

One common argument against Open Source platforms like WordPress is that their visibility makes them potentially vulnerable to hackers because the code is freely available. The flip side of this is that because it’s so transparent, there are literally thousands of WordPress geeks picking up problems and working out ways to fix them. How’s that for community spirit?

In reality, WordPress has been found to have very few vulnerabilities in recent years and any early issues are a dim and distant memory. It’s a secure and reliable platform that has earned the trust of the business world. If problems do crop up, they can usually be tracked to a susceptible plug-in or theme.

Improved integration

Once upon a time WordPress was ruled out by big businesses because its PHP codebase made it unsuitable for integration with other platforms. As usual, it didn’t take long for a solution to be developed and WordPress introduced its Rest API framework to open up all sorts of new programming and integration possibilities.

Hosting specialists

Its popularity with businesses has seen the launch of some high quality WordPress hosting services that dedicate themselves completely to the platform. This is handy because many of these specialist hosting providers also feature automatic updates which improve website security and make WordPress an even safer choice for businesses large and small.