The Venuno guide to Hosting and WordPress security

The issue of WordPress security might not be a priority for your business right now but you can be pretty sure it will jump to the top of your list as soon as your site is hacked. If you’re lucky, you’ll read an article somewhere – like this one – before that happens and you’ll have optimised your WordPress security just in time.

But surely WordPress is secure anyway?

It’s surprising how many people think that because it’s a big name it must be bulletproof when it comes to hacking. Sadly, WordPress has had more than its fair share of security breaches in recent years and that’s largely because of its popularity and the collaborative nature of the platform. Hundreds of thousands of people are running WordPress sites all over the world and enthusiastic developers are forever coming up with new plugins and themes. Most of these plugins are free and easy to install. It’s one of the joys of WordPress but it can also be a huge issue, particularly when it comes to security. Not every developer is a prudent tester and it can be hard to know if the proper security checks have been made.

Can I protect myself by installing the latest WordPress updates?

It’s certainly true that if you don’t regularly install the latest updates to your WordPress site and its associated plugins, your site won’t be working as efficiently and securely as it could be. It can be hard to remember to carry out updates on every aspect of your site on a regular basis and even if you manage to keep on top of it all, this won’t protect you completely. WordPress websites are designed to look, feel and perform in a simple and user-friendly way but underneath their welcoming façade they are highly complex. When you update one part of your site it might have an impact somewhere else which is why updates need to be carried out in a way that considers your whole website structure. Suddenly you’ll notice that something doesn’t work quite like it used to, functions have been lost or loading speed has slowed right down. Not only does that make it difficult to use, it also makes it vulnerable to security breaches.

How important is hosting and WordPress security?

There are two main security related issues to consider in relation to hosting – the security of the server itself and the support that’s available if your site is hacked.

Taking the first of these factors, if you have an entry level hosting package you will more than likely be on a shared server with lots of other websites, some of which may have security issues themselves that could affect your site. It’s a bit like sitting at the front of a plane when someone at the back has the flu. You both bought your ticket, you paid the same price and you expected exactly the same service. It isn’t until you’re laid up in bed a week later that you wonder whether it was the plane journey that started it all. A contaminated website that’s sitting on your server can cause havoc amongst its fellow passengers.

So, now your website is poorly and you want to find out what your hosting provider is going to do about it. Sadly, if you’re on a budget package and a shared server the answer is probably nothing.

How can I make sure my WordPress security is watertight?

One of the best ways to protect your WordPress website and guarantee its security is to opt for managed WordPress hosting. It’s more expensive than most basic hosting options but here are a few reasons why it’s worth the investment:

  • Performance: A good managed WordPress package that matches your site’s size and demands will never crash. No more worries about downtime or lost data. Venuno offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee as standard.
  • Security: Managed WordPress hosting is unbelievably secure. All Venuno hosted sites benefit from high performance security protection. All data is encrypted and is stored securely behind a firewall.
  • Updates: Managed hosting includes updates to your site and plugins to maintain speed and security. Venuno also carries out daily backups of your data.
  • Support: One of the key benefits of managed hosting is the expert technical support that comes as part of the package. Venuno offers plans that provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if your website is hacked or if other technical issues arise. So even if the unthinkable happens, it shouldn’t have a serious impact on your business.

If you’d like to find out more take a look at the range of Venuno plans or contact the team.