Why it is important to have reliable WordPress hosting

Reliable hosting probably won’t be the first thing you think about when you’re planning a new website for your business. Let’s be honest, you’ve got enough to consider. Like how it should look, which WordPress theme will suit your business best, where to find some really good stock images. Perhaps you should have a new logo. Maybe the home page buttons could be a bit bolder.

Hosting tends to be a last-minute decision when the website is about to go live.

5 reasons why it could pay to to spend more time thinking about hosting

With the UK economy undergoing a stuttering recovery, businesses can’t afford to waste money. Brexit has created even more uncertainty, which means business owners are reluctant to commit too much money to major projects.

In these circumstances it’s easy to see the appeal of budget hosting services which require little financial outlay or ongoing commitment. However, if you read our previous blog about how Brexit could affect your business website, you’ll already know that cheap isn’t always the best option.

Hosting can play an important role in protecting your website and your business from failure or unplanned expenditure. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Loss of revenue: Your website can’t earn money for you if it’s offline. Cheap hosting services simply aren’t reliable enough when it comes to guaranteeing uptime and every minute your customers can’t access your site is another minute of lost revenue. A recent study estimated that every incident of downtime costs a business around £17K but this only takes into account lost sales. What about the impact on brand perception and SEO?
  1. Risk of hacking: Earlier this year the Telegraph reported that cyber attacks are perceived as the second biggest threat to business and that cybercrime is costing each UK company an average of £4.1m a year. This is where good website hosting really pays its way. Many businesses that suffer a major security breach never recover from the impact. A reliable WordPress web hosting company will back up your data, encrypt it and store it securely in an off site data centre. Not only does this keep it safe and secure, it means it’s easily recoverable so you can be up and running again quickly of an incident does occur.
  1. Lack of support: Choosing a good web hosting provider means you’ll have access to fast and effective technical support. Many cheaper hosting providers promise support but it can be difficult or expensive to access and the service may not be fast. If your site goes offline for any reason you need to be able to email or speak to someone who can help you straightaway. That means now. Not tomorrow or next week. Not between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Spend a bit of time checking out the support package and seriously consider paying extra for round the clock cover, particularly if you have an ecommerce WordPress website.
  1. Budget security: At times of economic uncertainty the one thing businesses need more than anything is budget security. They need to know how much cash is going out each month and they want to protect themselves as much as possible from unexpected expenditure. If you’ve opted for cheap hosting and you suddenly find yourself facing any of the issues described above you might have to pay out a large amount of money to get your business back on track. A premium hosting service may cost a bit more each month but the level of service included means you shouldn’t have any extras to pay to fix emergency issues.
  1. Slow to load: One of the biggest turn offs for online shoppers – particularly smartphone shoppers – is a slow website. These are busy people. They’re buying on the move for goodness sake. They haven’t got time to waste waiting for your site to load. A slow site could affect your SEO rankings too. Look for a hosting service that offers scalability which means that as your site, business and traffic grow your hosting service can keep up with demand and your website’s speed and uptime aren’t affected.

Why Venuno is the right choice for reliable hosting

Venuno has been developed with business WordPress users in mind.

  • It offers 24/7 Helpdesk support available plus telephone support.
  • No provider can guarantee 100% uptime but Venuno gets pretty close by promising you 99.95%.
  • All Venuno hosted websites are automatically monitored to make sure they’re always online and if anything happens it’s spotted immediately.
  • It’s a fully scaleable service, which means it’s designed to increase capacity as demand for your service grows.
  • With Venuno’s daily backups you have the reassurance that your data is secure and instantly restorable.