Why we love WordPress

WordPress is a free web platform that makes it easy to build a site. The fact that it’s open source means anyone can review and suggest changes to the code, meaning it’s really stable and secure, as well as easy to build plugins for. Simply put, we believe it’s the best option for almost all users, from individual bloggers to multinational companies.

Let’s look a little deeper into what that means for you and your business:

It’s simple but flexible

WordPress was once thought of as a blogging system, but now it’s easy to build an entire site based around the platform. With extensive theming and plugin options, the site can be made to be anything you want it to be, like an eCommerce site, a news site or a wiki, to name just a few examples.

It’s stable

When you buy into a proprietary content management system, you don’t necessarily know that it’s going to be safe or stable. That’s because the code is locked away and only the company maintaining it knows how it works. WordPress is open source, and the code is free for review by anyone. So any bugs or weaknesses are quickly spotted by the community, even those not immediately visible to the user.

The effect of this kind of scrutiny is that the system is harder to hack, less likely to fail due to bugs, and has benefitted from input by some of the top web developers.

It’s popular

Okay, we know that popular does not always mean better. In the case of WordPress however, it’s a big plus. A widely recognised and supported platform is better supported by developers, hosting providers and admins, so it’s easy to diagnose errors or find advice with any problems you may be having. It’s a proven platform with a 13-year history – positively ancient in internet years – that is nevertheless bang up to date.

Web professionals, from developers to content writers, have been using it since its inception, and need no further training on the platform. This means you’re sure to be able to find a team of experts for your project.

There are hundreds of reasons to pick WordPress, and with plugins being released and updates being deployed, the case becomes stronger every day!